GiGi Sosnoski

GiGi Sosnoski has been giving professional Astrological readings to clients from all walks of life and from all over the world for more than 25 years, and has developed a deep intuitive sense of charts through her practice and experience. She learned over the years that most people - even those who are outwardly successful - lock themselves in to negative views of their selves and their situations, which became self-fulfilling prophecies. GiGi found this extremely frustrating - she could feel the wonderful potential implied for each person in their birth chart, and for so much of that potential to go to waste through lack of faith was like throwing away a gift of the gods.

From her need to see people actualise more of their potential, GiGi has developed a form of reading which she calls 'Motivational Astrology'. In her own words, "I 'feel' people's charts as well as mathematically calculate and astrologically interpret them. Each chart is an image of the heavens at the time, date and place that a person was born - as individual as a finger print or snow flake! It paints a beautiful picture of the soul growth, creative potential and transformational energy of the human being. My life's joy is sharing this beauty with others through my readings, helping them to understand the possibilities they have at their command." Motivational Astrology helps people see their true potential, understand the gifts that they have been given, and get through blockages to start moving forward!

Need Direction, Clarity or Motivation in your life? GiGi will help you understand your unique energies and how to utilize them for greater life-success! Get excited about yourself and your future with a Motivational Astrological Reading or Motivational Life Coaching with GiGi! You deserve to Find Your Time To Shine!

Email GiGi at or telephone her on 09 9506760 to discuss a reading or coaching session (for New Zealand residents - U.S. and international clients see Positive Skies for contact information).

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